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What is cbp 7533 Form: What You Should Know

On this form, CBP Form 7533—Inward Cargo Manifest for Vessel  Under Five Tons, FERRY, TRAIN, CAR, VEHICLE, ETC.—is used for information on a vessel or cargo being loaded, as provided on a master or person in charge of a conveyance files the CBP Form 7533, Inward Cargo Manifest for Vessel Under Five Tons, Ferry, Train, Car, Vehicle, etc., when the vessel or cargo is entering or leaving the United States, from Canada or Mexico on a cross-border vehicle crossing from the United States at the Northern border. The form also acts as a travel order for nonimmigrant aliens. The information is requested by a port of entry inspection officer or another person in charge of a conveyance who has reason to believe the specified individual is carrying concealed or undeclared foreign-made merchandise, which is exempt from the reporting requirements of 18 U.S.C. §1719, or foreign-made articles described in Section 3114 of title 46, and has reason to believe the goods or merchandise were imported into the United States or at least partially delivered into the United States in violation of section 812 of the Importer Import Prohibition Act, 22 U.S.C. §1719. The form is completed according to the instructions given to the master or person in charge on entering the United States or crossing the border, as appropriate. There are six specific sections of the form: Item 1 is for the destination country or a port of entry (including a port of the United States). The person seeking entry to or from the United States, or the person submitting the information, must state in the first and last field whether they are a passenger or a resident. Note: In order to ensure consistency and integrity, in the second and third fields, a passenger is also required to indicate the passenger class in which that person may be travelling. The passenger class is used to determine whether a passenger meets the definition of a resident referred to in section 1719(7)(A) of the Customs Act, 18 U.S.C. §1719(7)(A), who is to be issued a traveler's permit.

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FAQ - What is Cbp Form 7533

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