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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Entry type 47

Instructions and Help about Entry type 47

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At what range are you fine when an AK-47 bullet hits you?
At what range are you fine when an AK-47 bullet hits you? If you fell off a building and you had an automatic shotgun or machine gun, could you slow yourself enough to survive the fall? How was Space Shuttle Columbia controllable for several minutes after its left wing had already started disintegrating on reentry during its final mission? I was an intruder. What is it like to be your parents• least favourite child? If the P-51 was such a good aircraft in World War II, why did so many of the United States• top aces fly something else? How fair is 7.62 ammo for deer hunting? I'm looking at getting an AK-47 soon and would like to use it for hunting. Although Vietnam is much poorer than China, why isn't there any large-scale immigration of Vietnamese people to China? What's your opinion on WeWork slashing its IPO valuation from $47 B to less than $25 B? What according to you is the fair valuation? Can I become a flight attendant at the age of 47?
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