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Instructions and Help about entry type 47

Music hello guys and welcome to my channel today we are going to discuss the best university of the world Harvard University and we're going to talk about how to get into Harvard because if you look at any university in ranking say US or top universities comm you would definitely see Harvard top three top five universities which means for you that it's not only the best university of the world it's also one of the hardest to get into and it will look at the acceptance rate of 2016 only 5% of applicants got into Harvard which means that if 20 people of life only one would get it and you need to understand that Harvard application process needs to be taken seriously so if you want to start your study say September 2018 then you need to submit your application by November 1st 2017 and this is for freshman applicants for bachelors programs if we're talking about masters programs or MBA this deadline can be even earlier so if we're talking about MBA you need to apply it one year before the start of your studies so say if you want to sorry I made 10 for 2018 you need to apply in September 2017 and let's dive a little in the application itself now the first thing you need to remember is that if you're applying to Harvard you also need to apply to around five other universities because the percentage the acceptance rate is so long that even if you're super talented and exceptional person this statistical probability so low that you might not get accepted and you don't want to end up you know just applying to Harvard and ended up ending up not being accepted and just spend another year in applications or working somewhere so I would say diversify your portfolio of the universities you're planning to have to top schools to middle schools and to safety schools now how does the application look like the application self would ask you questions about your address your parents jobs your school your hobbies your volunteer projects your prizes so everything another thing you need to remember is that there is an application fee $75 or more depending on the program and sometimes they give exceptions sometimes they waive with this application fee but you have to be eligible which means sometimes that you have to be valid for a military or you have to be late ofamerican so really every university has some guidelines so I would say the it's very likely that you would end up paying this to $75 fee and if you plan to a lot of universities this summer really add up so make sure you're planning your budget as well and another very important thing is that you need to take SATs and not only SAT general or you can take a CT general which is a similar exam but it's very likely that you would


How can I fill out an Express Entry form without a counsellor’s help?
Creating an express entry profile is like a piece of cake. Any one can create. You do not need anyone’s help to create that. Its 15 to 30 minutes job.All you need to have is IELTS with 6 in each module and ECA fro your degrees and of course passport.
How should I fill out the form for a university entry scheme in the Indian Navy?
on line on Indian Navy website. tx
Is it necessary to fill out the BHU preference entry form online?
It is advisable to fill out bhu preference entry form online for your own convenience. You will be asked to fill that form during counselling once again so it is not that important but u should fill it beforehand so that u can have an overview of subject combination.
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