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Right to make entry directive 3530-002a Form: What You Should Know

S-01 Customs Duties Order (TO) No. 3716-01 Dec 25, 2023 — CBP “U.S. Customs and Border Protection will be providing a pilot program that provides expedited entry and entry clearance on U.S.-bound goods from Central America into the United States for certain categories of Mexican nationals.” — CBP U.S. Customs and Border Protection will be providing a pilot program that provides expedited entry and entry clearance on U.S.-bound goods from Central America into the United States for certain categories of Mexican nationals.” (December 2, 2023 – Feb 15, 2014) Border-Related Information Sheet 3344-M/DZ: Border Patrol Priority System Document Number DZ-3344-M1; U.S. Customs and Border Protection (TXT) (TXT) (ZIP) Border Patrol Priority System (TXT) (PDF) DZ-3344-M1: Border Patrol priority system (TXT) and instructions for handling a case (January 4, 2013) In this document CBP describes in detail how to handle a case under the Priority System where the person is not a Mexican national and is using a CBP provided vehicle.   Priority System is intended to address the situations of the following:  • Individuals who travel to the United States by land; • Individuals who are using CBP vehicles; • Certain individuals who operate aircraft; • Certain individuals who do not have a designated CBP port of entry. These priority system guidelines should help Border Patrol investigators. • CBP can use the information in this document to assist the U.S. Border Patrol during the processing of these expedited cases. • CBP can use information in this document to ensure a fair and consistent policy for the expedited adjudication of expedited cases. • Other agencies that handle expeditious cases and individuals may use this document if they have experience with the processing of these cases when handled consistently.

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FAQ - Right to make entry directive 3530-002a

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