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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Duty drawback time limit

Instructions and Help about Duty drawback time limit

Music at least for the most part everyone has made it in so thank you guys very much for joining us today this is Scarborough University here doing a webinar on a duty drawback there's also been a lot of changes coming down the pipe here in the last six months or so so before we get in our before we begin here I'm just a quick little commercial on on Scarborough Scarborough is a group of companies and we are us license customs broker and freight forwarder most recently we opened a consulting to patient and today with me I have Pat Caulfield from gr nfeld desiderio Leibowitz Silverman and clay shot Pat and I go back now a few years we've played golf a few times together and know each other from a few events and that's a great attorney and I think you guys are gonna have a good insight into some of the things about draw back we will try to keep the PowerPoint side of this presentation down to about 20 minutes or so and then we'll spill spend the rest of the time I'm going through and answering questions if you guys have questions I know we've gotten a big chunk of them already there is a Q&A option in in your log in as well so please feel free to ask them we will do our best to answer everything live if we do run out of time we will get every question answered that we do have so without that thanks for being with us and I will let you begin my pleasure out I'm happy to be here and as I mentioned I am with gr nfeld does Dario Ludwig Silverman in place that we are international trade firm in New York or headquartered in New York we have offices throughout the country we only do international and customs matters and before that I also worked at two customs brokerage firms so today we're going to talk about drawback which is one of the oldest export promotion programs that we have in fact drawback was provided for and one of the first tariff acts going back to 1789 so it's been around for a long time and as you can imagine it's changed quite a bit from them to now but the basics are the same drawback is a refund of 99 percent of duties and fees upon exportation or destruction previously important merchandise so in its most basic form if you import 100 widgets and export the same 100 widgets you can get a refund of the duties and fees you paid when you export them and when I say Duty can see that includes regular duties excise taxes merchandise processing fees hardware maintenance fees but it does not include anti-dumping and countervailing duties so you can get it on most of the duties and fees you pay but not a B or C B D of course the.

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